Catering Suggestions?

My FI is Dominican and I am white, so in a perfect world I would love to get a caterer that can provide Dominican food along with traditional American dishes.  I wanted a more casual h'ors doeuvres/buffet style.  I was wondering if anyone else had a caterer who provided options for different ethnic foods.


Re: Catering Suggestions?

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    We're using Champagne Taste, and Whitney seems willing to come up with different dishes, even if they're not already on her menu.
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    Hi! Congrats on your wedding! We used Catering By Jill, Jack can create pretty much anything that you want just give him a call. My DH is Mexican so I started off wanting foods like that but DH didnt want it, go figure lol, We had buffet stations, like pasta, salad, crab cakes, and a kid buffet. HTH!
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