Little white churches

I was wondering if anyone knew of and small white churches in the Richmond area? The only one I can find is the Confederate Memorial Church on Grove Ave. and I don't think they rent out the space

Re: Little white churches

  • yea I understand that and I'm all for that but I no longer have a relationship with the pastor of my church since the one I grew up with moved away recently. So I'm not really attached to one church anymore. I have been looking for a new one to join.
  • I can't help you, as I am relatively new to the area, but I understand where you are coming from.  My pastor moved about 6 months before I got engaged and I had moved to VA 2 months prior.  I just found a chapel in my hometown I thought was beautiful and found a minister of my faith who we connect with.  You don't have to have a connection with a facility/chuch to marry there, just with your fiance.
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