I am getting married on March 19, 2011 in downtown Richmond  and I am in need a good cheap photographer. I don't mind if they are just starting out as long as they have something I can see to see thier style. I dont want to spend more than 300-500 dollars. (Obviously if you know one that is cheaper but still good work, would love to know them too)

Also for my honeymoon does anyone know a good resort site that I can look on for great deals? I would love to get some sort of package deal and not  put it together piece by piece!

Any advice is soo needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    For the honeymoon package I would try posting your question on the honeymoon board...

    As far as the photographer goes, I don't know of ANY that are that inexpensive....
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    Hmmm.. I doubt very seriously that you are going to find a photographer that will give you good quality images for such a cheap price. The one area I would recommend you not slack in is the photography.. Your pictures are going to be what you look back on over the years to remember your special day!

    As for your honeymoon, I have booked several vacations in the past through expedia, I have had good experiences each time, so it may be worth a shot to check them out!  You can get the whole package together at once: flight, resort and transportation if you need that too!   Also, my MOH used CheapCaribbean for her most recent vacation and raved about that site too!   Good luck with everything!!!
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    Check out Travelzoo for deals and definitely look at listings that say "all inclusive." 

    My brother's friend is looking into starting wedding photography.  Here's her blog:
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    Post under events/gigs on Craigslist for a photographer and state your price. I'm also in the $400 range and have had somewhere around 50 offers within the first week or two. Since March is off-season, a lot of photographers are willing to drop their prices, but it will depend on the hours you need and what you want (ie: I needed 4 hours, edited images, and a CD/DVD of all images).
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    As far as photographers go:

    We used Lindsay Gray Photography and she was incredible!! She's an upcoming photographer and definitely should be within your price range.  Check her out... you won't be dissapointed

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    Please be careful when you're shopping for your photographer. I understand wanting to stay within a budget...but it seems that anyone & everyone who gets a DSLR camera, suddenly becomes a self proclaimed professional photographer. Shooting a wedding involves so much. There's no 2nd HAVE to get the shot as it happens. Remember you'll get what you pay for. I've seen it happen all too often the clients end up paying more because they had to pay another photographer to fix the mess they ended up with. (now that I'm off my soapbox, wishing you the best! just be careful).
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