Looking for an afordable Rehearsal dinner place

I need ideas for places in richmond/midlothian. chesterfield. We are paying for it and have 35 people so I cant do places that are like 25 a head, may not be considered expensive but when you're paying for your wedding, the smallest things add up! Thanks for any ideas.

Re: Looking for an afordable Rehearsal dinner place

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    Not sure what your price point is but we had our rehearsal at Sine's Irish pub downtown. It was wonderful and fit our small budget. And the guests could get drinks at the bar and it wasn't on our tab- so we had a "cash bar" so to speak.

    They have an option for $20.95 a person for dinner (including the tip!). They also charge very cheaply for children. I don't remember the cost excatly but it was less than 10 dollars per child. I fed 22 people and having three of them be children made a huge difference.
  • Sine is nice! And downtown, so there is much to do.

    The Tobacco Factory could work. So could Old City Bar. There is a room fee, but it's pretty inexpensive depending on how you plan the wedding. I'd also check for restaurants with a private dining room, too. You can use a site like TripAdvisor to find those.
  • I don't know how expensive they are, but the Boathouse at Sunday park may be an option.  Either that or even Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.  I know Lewis Ginter can be reasonably priced.  
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