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Our deal: We are a couple that is renewing our vows next Feb. I desire a more formal feel. Our original wedding was very small with reception in the church hall. No dj, dancing, etc. It was simple. We've come back from a near divorce situation and this renewal service holds as much meaning as our original wedding. Of course, I have expensive taste (champagne taste on a beer budget!) and found I was getting carried away. So here I am trying to reign myself back in. I booked the Montpelier Center for Arts and it's on a Friday evening. I was hoping a Friday night will give us some pricing relief, but that Friday is our actual wedding date.

* Is it tacky for me to keep this affair adult only for my non-family guests or should I suck it up and pay for other guest's kids (to the tune to about 25 kids)?  This is affecting my overall budget by quite a bit, but if it's a big no-no I'll have to try figure what I could let go. Any tips would be great!

* Caterers - Trying to work with a $3,500 budget for 100 people max. I've got quotes from Mosaic and A Sharper Palate and they are probably similarly priced with factoring just 1 action station and they are both at the high end of my budget if not over it. I talked to Edward's and they were willing to work with any budget. I just haven't gotten a formal, written proposal from Edward's. In that, I need a bartender - labor only, food table linens, china/flatware/glasses. I'm providing dessert (including plates/flatware) and booze. Any other vendors I should consider? Is my budget too low for what I want?

* Photography  -  I'm willing to consider students looking to build a portfolio, but I didn't know how to go about finding one. Suggestions needed for student finding or professional vendor! I just need ceremony and first part of reception. I guess 4 hours max? I don't have attendants for our ceremony, I'm willing to do cake cutting in the beginning and we are incorporating a few traditional dances since we didn't have this at our original wedding reception. This is the one area I felt I could cut back on in my budget. Any compelling reason I should spring for the top of the line professional? Any tips on negotiating without offending them?


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    I don't think it's tacky at all to keep your reception adult only for my non-family guests!  25 children tend to be very busy and noisy, not to mention your budget!  I am also having my wedding at a venue where I can bring in all my vendors including catering.  I chose to go with an event planning company which has provided me with Set-up, Clean-up, Full Catering, Linens, Bar Staff (bringing my own alcohol to save $$, DJ, Photography, and onsite coordinator for $5,800 tax & gratuity included.  Here is the owner's # 757-965-2369  Good Luck!

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    cfaszews25 I'm not a vendor!  I'm a bride to be, not a bride has been.
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    Bride2B - It looks like your event planner is VA Beach only. Our vow renewal is being held in Montpelier, VA closer to Richmond. I really can't expect  my guest to travel 2+ hours on a Friday evening for our shin-dig. We were contemplating a fall beach wedding and it would've been a great option!

    cfaszews25 - I sent in an inquiry to Rebekah and she's got some very good pricing plus I like her work. I'm calling Whitney in just a few minutes. Again, thank you for providing some details! That sounds like some awesome catering pricing. Eek! I'm so excited. Maybe I'll be a good amount under catering budget so it can go towards our 2nd but really our 1st honeymoon. :)
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    I would try Goodrich gourmet they have fixed price options for food which may work to your advantage. Also try Champagne Taste  or IK catering as well.
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    Oh snap, Cfas! I call vendor, too and I reported her vendor-esque posts already. 
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    Not meaning to stalk your vendors, CFAS, but I saw you used Dynamite DJs and am liking Joe's proposal. He has the lighting and all which is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Did you have Joe or was it someone else? I'd only considered Choice Entertainment to date. I am about to book Rebekah and Whitney both too! Just ironing out which way I want to go with the options.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!    Smile

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