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Hello I am getting married next April or May. We are going for a rustic theme and we would like it outside. I am deployed so my fiance is looking at the venues with his sister. Based off what I have read I like the Manor house, James River Winery, and Apple Blossom. I am trying to keep the food, venue, and open bar(beer and wine) at 8000. Is there any other place that I am missing?!?!? Thanks for your help!

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  • I don't think you can go wrong with any of those 3. I've been to a wedding at Manor House and it was beautiful and wonderful. James River Winery is awesome and even more so now that they've added a permanent tent. New Kent Winery may be another one to look at. Also check out Jasmine Plantation right next to Apple Blossom. Went to a wedding there in October and it was beautiful, the plantation house is pretty cool too.
  • Thanks! What did you think about the wedding at the Manor house in regards to everyone being inside for the reception. I can only look at it via skype since I am deployed but I am trying to figure out how everyone sits and etc since they all can not fit in the same room.
  • Have you considered Newstead On The James?
  • Manor House - yes it is broken up and it looks a little weird having seating scattered but my friend made it work. It actually created a lot of movement through the whole reception, a good thing.The main buffet was in the "dining room" with a secondary buffet in the farthest room. The bar was probably the only awkwardly placed thing being we were a drinking crowd and it created a bottleneck getting by. On the friends side, about half the attendees, we all knew each other so the scattered tables weren't a problem. We table hopped :).  I don't know if they provide the tent or you have to rent one but my friend had one, which was very nice for overflow. Her wedding was in May, late afternoon, and it did get warm in the house so the tent was a great escape. Something to think about. I think she had about 100 people, what's your guest count?

  • Just wanted to jump in on the discussion about The Manor House.  I'm getting married there in aerly November and although they don't provide a tent they have suggested who to use to rent one and what size to choose.  We're going to put one up outside just to give people another option for an area to hang out in if they want and we may possibly add a second bar out there, as well.  I was really concerned about the seating being broken up but I'm glad to hear from someone who has been there for a wedding that it works out.
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  • My wedding will be at The Manor House on August 11th.. If it will help you I will send you pictures so you can see a complete set up if thats not to late for your decision
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  • Lena how many people are you having at your wedding?
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    hi! i dont know if you have already booked your venue or not but i looked at James River Winery and did not like it! there was so privacy and the ceremony space backs up to a driving range- so your guest can see the net protector of the driving range as they are looking at you and your groom getting married. I am getting married at Apple Blossom this fall and I fell in love with it! mainly because it's so private, there are no time restrictions and you get to bring in decorations and stage the wedding the whole week before! the price includes 5 bedrooms for friday and saturday night and the owner is very accomodating- you can bring it whatever and whoever you want to make your wedding unique and all about you. I was able to save alot of money by bringing in my own alcohol and we'll save on hotel accomodations for family members. good luck with your wedding! :)
  • Your should check out the Poe Museum in downtown Richmond!
  • I am looking into Apple Blossoms as well. My wedding will be in 2014.
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