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Ceremony and Reception site: Main Street Station
I loved this place. It was completely unique and we created a train theme, instead of table numbers we had "train stations" and our escort cards were little trains. We had our ceremony upstairs, then went downstairs for the cocktail hour while the caterer flipped the room. I had 75 guests and it was very comfortable. We had a sit down dinner and there was space enough for more.

Caterer: White House Catering
I can't say enough good things about them. They coordinated with all the rentals, let me provide my own alcohol and handled all the decorations, room flips. Plus, their food is yummy and it was VERY reasonably priced. They were one of the few caterers who said they could handle a plated dinner at the station and so I really appreciated that. We got our rentals from the Prop Shop. The rentals seemed fine and we ended up getting the fancier chairs thrown in for free, but we did not coordinate with them so I dont know how their service is.

Flowers: I used Nicola Flora who is on Bellvue. It was very relaxed...I just went in there one day and we sat down and she showed me different blooms and colors. Everything looked beautiful the day of and was delivered ontime.

Cake: A Cake to Remember by Kara Buntin. I had a red velvet and white chocolate truffle (different layers) cake and it was pokka dot icing. It was delicious, reasonably priced and she was super easy to work with . It looked good and tasted good.

DJ: Dynamite DJS provided by Joe Bowman. The DJ was great. There are a ton of worksheets you can fill out online to describe what kind of music you want, how talkative he should be, etc. I thought the music selections were great for a mixed crowd and I personally danced all night. I would recommend!

Photos: ellie Bolton Photography. I picked Ellie because of her price and her portfolio showing some really cool and artistic random shots. I also thought she would be good for doing some cool posed photos at the station. I think she really excels at the more artistic photos. Very high quality and cool shots. She and her assistant worked overtime to get a million shots. The only thing I didnt like about her were the formals. She really didnt pose anyone for formals...we kind of just stood there haphazardlike. I knew how to pose because Ive been in a ton of weddings, so it was ok. Its definately not one of her stronger points.

Gluten free baking: 3 Fellers Bakery:
One of my best friends has celiac disease and I needed to get her desserts for both nights. Sue Feller made awesome awesome tasting gluten free cupcakes that were red velvet. I ate the rest of them myself. Highly recommend.

Rehearsal Dinner: The Hard Shell
I picked the hard shell because they had meals starting at $25 that actually had good selections like salmon. There were a variety of choices, food was good and we had our own room to party. For 23 people, total open bar the tab came to only about $1000 and it was very classy.

Accomadations: Omni Hotel and Commonwealth Park Suites
Guests who stayed at both were happy. I thought Omni gave us an excellent rate and I loved their rooms. They also gave us champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. I didnt stay at Commonwealth so I dont know how it was. The only problem with Omni is that they charge to give out gift bags, so I decided not to do them. I did ask them if they could give out directions for the guests I had made and they said they would, but then they didnt and said they didnt know anything about it. That annoyed me, but I thought the hotel itself was very nice and the downstairs bar area a nice place to hang out with out of town guests.

Thats it! Hope it was helpful!

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    Great info!  Thanks for the post!

    We are going to have our reception at Main St. and our ceremony a few blocks away at the Poe Museum.  I like that you did both at Main St.  That sounds like a great idea!

    We are also looking at the Hard Shell and their other restaurants- Europa! 

    I'm also looking into the Omni, however it looks like there are better rates at times online than what they gave us.  Did you haggle?

    I'm using Westhampton Bakery for the cake.  My best friend had hers from there and it was fantastic! 

    Thanks again for the post.  I will have to look into your florist and DJ!  :)
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    I didn't haggle for the rooms, when they told me $129 I thought it was a great price considering location and hotel. It could have to do with time of year though! Good luck....the Main Street station came out so well!
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    This info was really helpful as I am interested in Main Street Station and White House caterers.  I'm curious...did any trains arrive when you had your wedding at the train station?  It seems like it would be pretty hard to avoid but I wasn't sure how noticable/instrusive that might be.


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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:607Discussion:7bbfe9dc-69f7-4ddf-854d-1459e477abfePost:2188fd10-6e14-4429-a320-ef484f26a9e8">Re: Vendor Reviews!</a>:
    [QUOTE]This info was really helpful as I am interested in Main Street Station and White House caterers.  I'm curious...<strong>did any trains arrive</strong> when you had your wedding at the train station?  It seems like it would be pretty hard to avoid but I wasn't sure how noticable/instrusive that might be. -Christie
    Posted by cmk22302[/QUOTE]

    We had a senior social there, and a train went through but didn't stop.  Then again, it was around midnight on a Thursday.  I don't think we would have noticed it we weren't outside at the time.
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    Yes, a train came through. we scheduled the ceremony around the arrival, but we did have a train stop there. the passengers are kind of shuttled around the side, but they were watching us through the doors in the seating area. I thought it was hilarious, they were dancing and taking pictures. must have been cool to take a train and then just arrive at a wedding! i didnt mind it at all!
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