Has anyone used a trolley car in Richmond for transportation. If so what company did you use?


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    I used Winn Trolley for my wedding last year. I had a bad experience with them.. I called and double checked my reservation, gave them the pickup time and also the address on the wednesday of my wedding weekend. They assured me they would be there and on time and with a trolley. As I was saying my vows in my church which is completely enclosed in large glass windows, I see a HUGE bus pull up in the parking lot. I Knew it was instead of the trolley. and instead of being excited after we were done and being with family I was having to call the company, send the bus back, and was late to my reception bc trolleys are not allowed on "highways" and my church is on 288 and my reception was 3 exits down 288 and he couldnt take it. It really put a damper on the day and I had a very difficuly time dealing with Winn afterwards. They eventually refunded 20% of my rental, but it took forever and was a headache...

    BE CAREFUL if you do book one, especially with Winn transportation is my best advice!
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    Wow I didn't know they werent allowed on highways. I too am thinking about using them. Any other experiences with Winn Trolley?
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