Caston Studios Photographer?

Has anyone used Caston Studios?  The photos look good and price seems right, but wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts... Thanks!

Re: Caston Studios Photographer?

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    Yikes! They are really overpriced for their skill level. They look like people who are only used to doing traditional studio poses and techniques from the 90s. I bet you could find better for that price. Almost all of the photos are posed - you have to ask yourself if you want someone who can capture the day as it happens or if you want someone stopping you every 3 minutes for a posed shot.
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    We used Caston's.  Engagement pictures were nice, but they used the wrong picture for the STD.  Bridal portraits were great.  We haven't seen all of the wedding day pics yet (just got married 3 weeks ago), but the 284 we've seen so far have been good  Here are a few of the candids:

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