Richmond Floral Reviews?

The time has come to meet with some florists.  Can you ladies provide any recommendations?  I'm interested in meeting with maybe 1-2 "traditional" florists, but also farms/growers and I am also considering doing some of the personal flowers myself using mail order flowers.  Opinions on any of the above sought!  (For mail order I know I should check the national boards).


Re: Richmond Floral Reviews?

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    Flowers by Mona Ray is the best.  Very sweet and super great prices. She has a website and lots of pics on Facebook.  Just google her name and her site and facebook page will come up.
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    Flowers Make Scents did my daughters flowers in October and they were stunning.  the price was good too!
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    The Herbs of Happy Hill
    Katherine Chain

    She works out of her house and is great!  There are pictures on my blog along with a review.  Here is a photo of my bridesmaids flowers that she did...

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