day of coordinator necessary?


We're getting married at the John Marshall Hotel, doing the ceremony and reception all in one place.  Is a day of coordinator really necessary?


Re: day of coordinator necessary?

  • We hired a DOC, just for the piece of mind really. I did not want my mom  to have to worry about running around making sure everything was going as planned. You may want to check because the JMH may provide a coordinator with their packages.
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  • I am also getting married at the John Marshall. Talk to Amy - she is a bundle of information. She'll set up everything for you if you just give it to her all the week before / day before. Also, if you have really good vendors (and really good bridesmaids), it shouldn't be hard to make sure everything is running smoothly. I don't have a day-of coordinator, but I'm not worried too much. I have the phone calls split between my bridesmaids and I for the day before to double-check and confirm, so we're each only making a few calls apiece. For the day-of, if something goes "horribly wrong" (such as the DJ doesn't show, or cake turns out wrong), don't fret. As far as they know, you were planning it that way all along!

    Your wedding day is important, yes, but you want to look back on it as a happy occasion, so don't stress yourself out to the point where you won't end up enjoying your big day. If you have a list of performances, entertainment, specialty rituals, etc. you might want to consider a day-of coordinator. I've heard they're worth the money, but I'm on a bit more of a budget than an extra $500-$2000. It's all up to you!
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