Ashland Berry Farmv- NO BATHROOMS!

I was looking up local barns in the area, Ashland berry farm seemed amazing, the location, the price I was all ready to call this place mine, until... I found out that you have to rent the bathrooms... aka PORTA POTTIES. This totally killed my high on finding a great venue and the rigth price, go figure right? So I am leaning to not using it but there is just a small part of me that still wants to think about it. I could go a bit classier and get the bathroom trailer which would be better, but I just dont know. What would you guys think?

Re: Ashland Berry Farmv- NO BATHROOMS!

  • We had a similar problem when we looked in to the New Kent Winery. Beautiful place, but had porta potties and it totally turned us off. If it were me, I would keep looking. 

    On the other hand, what is a bathroom trailer??
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  • I've been to a wedding that had porta potties and it wasn't that big of deal. They did have the "nice" ones though - they had mirrors, hand washing stations etc. If Ashland Berry Farm is awesome on all other levels I wouldn't let this stop you from choosing it as your venue. 
  • Definitely check out portable bathroom trailers -- they are not "ports potties" at all, and have flush able toilets, running water, sinks, mirrors, etc. There are several different models at different price points, so you may find ones that work for you. I don't offhand know of companies in central VA that rent them, but a quick Google search should do it!
  • I am running into the same problem. Have you found any good barns? I know amber grove inn has a barn.
  • I looked at amber grove.  The barn is nice but it is not handicapped accessible.  Don't let porta potties get you down!  If you love the place, you'll compare everything else to it and come back to it anyway.  That's what we did with The Manor House at Kings Charter.
  • I was concerned with the same issue when we looked at james river winery. They had 2 regular porta potty stalls. New Kent winery on the other hand has a trailer that is set up just like restrooms with stalls, electricity, A.C & speaker wiring for music. Depends on the options the venue offers & your personal preference! I would check out the options on a private tour so you don't rule out something that may not be that big of a deal! Good luck!

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