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My Fiance and I are getting married in July and do not attend church nor know anyone to perform our ceremony. When looking online I see very high priced ministers/officiants and Im really starting to worry. We have everything ready for the day except someone to marry us. The person we had bailed an now stuck looking else where :( does anyone know of any wedding officiants in the area that are affordable $200 or so.

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  • My fiance and I are in the same boat.  We're getting married in June and are having trouble finding reasonable (both in fees, and in "not crazy") officiants.  We live in Hampton Roads and are getting married in Williamsburg.  If we find someone soon, I will let you know ASAP!!  Where are you getting married?

  • Have you called the clerks' office in the county or city where you will be married?  They can provide you with a list of officiants including JOPs and Judges.  I believe  that if you go with this type of officiant rather than finding an independent one, they are only allowed to charge up to a certain amount.  We used a judge but he was a family friend and did not charge us.  I think he could have charged us around $100.  But the clerk's office (the same place you would need to apply for your marriage license) should have this information.
  • Thank you so much!!  We just called the James City County clerks office and got a list of registered marriage commissioners.  I'm so relieved!  Thank you :)
  • Carolyn Barkley is near Charlottesville, I think, and around $250 - I think I found her through Google. We found someone else we clicked with before we met with her, though. I Dos to Remember is around Fredericksburg and similarly priced. Jennifer Ashcraft with Faith in Marriage has a ton of great reviews on, is near Waynesboro, and similarly priced (although a little higher). Good luck!
  • John Edward Mehfoud, Civil Celebrant and retired Justice of the Peace, offers a beautiful ceremony for a modest fee.  Email:  [email protected]

    If Mr. Mehfound is not available, I have another recommendation.
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