Main Street Station or VMFA....any thoughts

I have narrowed my reception locations down to these two venues.  Any thoughts on either one of these places.
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Re: Main Street Station or VMFA....any thoughts

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    We will be having both our ceremony and reception at Main Street Station.  I can't wait!  :)  You can bring in your own caterer- which is great, because a lot of the places in the area make you pick from a list (of expensive people!). 
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    I'm also having mine at Main Street.  Its been really great because there is so much flexibility.  You don't have to choose package A, B, or C and can really make it your own.  Also, all of their recommendations have been great!
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    We're having our reception at Main Street Station.  We're having a smaller wedding so we thought the venue would be a better size for us than the VMFA.  We also like the balcony so guests can go outside for a breather if the weather is nice.  Being able to select you're own caterer is also a plus :)
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    I've worked events at both.  If you love art, the VMFA is amazing. Really unique. The Station is fun, though. People are catching the train while you dance the night away.

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    I just attended a wedding at VMFA in the Marble Hall.  I could see lots of great places for pictures but unless you are planning to spend tons of flowers and such then the space will seem kind of cold and empty.  The food was great.  Lightening may be an issue for some photographers, so make sure you ask them about that.

    I think Main ST sounds like blast!
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