Bridal Alterations - HELP

HELP!  I am from the Northeast and bought my dress at home but am in need of some major alterations.  Since we live here and are getting married in VA, I want to find a GREAT tailor in the Richmond area to help make my dress perfect (price is secondary) -  any suggestions?!  Looking for top-notch craftmanship and vast experience with bridal.  Thanks!

Re: Bridal Alterations - HELP

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    I don't have any personal experience, however I know Creations Bridal and Fabric Boutique will design and make dresses- that's most of what they do, so I'd check them out.  I'd call and ask for references and go from there.  I haven't heard of any other places in the area.  

    8530 Patterson Avenue
    Richmond, VA 23229-6436
    (804) 740-7312
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    I am also like the OP & need my dress altered.

    Any other places the community can recommend?  Thanks in advance!
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    Found it here: 

    I am 2 weeks out.

    I need the thing done right & make me look good.

    Not a lot of comments anywhere on the net about alterations in Richmond.

    Scoured it till I found this from google:

    One thing about Google, they don't like you to make up your own reviews.

    They will ban you from their search results & rankings.

    Oksana isn't just good - she is a miracle worker.  My FH & I look like ken & barbie vs. humpty & dumpty when we first arrived.

    Enough prose - go to Oksana.  She is pricey. She will tell you to lose weight. She will tell you you look good. But she won't BS you & she will fix your clothing good.

    Great owner - tell it the way it is!
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    I also recommend going to Oksana at Fashion Design (8003 W Broad St # B, Richmond, VA 23294-4207, (804) 217-9225).  She is extremely talented and has great vision! ‎   I am in Baltimore, but am having my dress altered by her b/c my matron of honor had her dress redesigned by her and it looked amazing!
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    Try out Colony Cleaners - They've done great dress alterations for me in the past!

    8400 Staples Mill Road
    Richmond, VA 23228-2715
    (804) 264-0169
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    I got my dress altered by Oksana at Fashion Design on Broad.  She was beautiful, fun, quick and affordable.  The results were perfect and she is just the best. 
  • Bridal Elegance is a great place to go for alterations. They specialize in formal wear and outside bridal alterations. With 3 seamstresses on staff, they can make any gown fit beautifully!

    11521 West Broad Street
    Richmond, VA 23223
    (804) 747-5070
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