Flowers, Sam's Club?

Has anyone used Sam's Club or Costco for their flowers?
If so, what did you like, what did you not like?
How far in advance can I order?

Any florist you recommend on a budget?


Re: Flowers, Sam's Club?

  • CvilleClaireCvilleClaire member
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    The other night, I bought a bunch of tulips at Sam's Club.  I usually buy tulips at Whole Foods because they are grown just up the highway in the Culpepper area.

    The Sam's Club flowers were pretty dirty...there was dirt on the leaves and in the crevices around the stems.  If you use them, be prepared for some extra work before you put them in your arrangements.

    The Whole Foods tulips, by the way, are grown dirt!
  • kat016kat016 member
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    I ordered costco roses, baby's breath, and fillers for my wedding. The roses were really big and pretty. They arrived a day earlier than I scheduled, but it was actually better that way because it takes time for them to open up. You can order them way in advance and just schedule the delivery date for a couple days before your wedding (I suggest 2 days.) They were a really great budget saver! If you're not looking to do something too fancy and you can arrange the bouquets yourself, it's a good way to go.
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