Engagement Picture Ideas in Downtown Richmond

Seeing if I can get some ideas for engagement pictures I want to have done in the downtown Richmond area.

Thanks :-)

Re: Engagement Picture Ideas in Downtown Richmond

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    We did ours around the Civil War visitors center between Browns Island and Belle Isle (PIB). There is also Belle Isle itself. My photographer has taken some amazing e-pics simply in alleys lined with brick buildings...
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    We had ours taken at Main Street Station and the Carillon :) MST is so very Richmond!
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    We did some outside of Main Street Station as well.  You can't do photographs inside without setting it up in advance and paying a fee.  We then walked around the bottom and the slip for the rest of our pictures- got some by the canal walk, a large fountain, and two different painted brick walls- all very Richmond!  Your photographer should be able to give you good suggestions.  If you don't have a photographer yet- try David Abel Photography!  He's amazing!
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