Booking the Big Ones

Okay. Got a venue (that includes catering, an event coordinator, and a florist), got a photographer. The only people I feel like I have yet to find are a good cake baker and a fun DJ. Do you guys have any recommendations on either? I'm trying to keep the cost low on these two since the venue and photographer were my real priorities. But I also don't want one of those sleepy wedding DJ's who sits back and looks bored the whole time.

Re: Booking the Big Ones

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    Congrats!!  Those are big chunks taken care of! When's the wedding?
    My cake is included in my package and thankfully it's the baker I really wanted to use anyways - Cakes by Graham. A Cake to Remember I've heard is good. Shyndigz does real fun and funky cakes.
    I've haven't started researching DJ's yet, that's next too. Heard great things about Choice Entertainment, but they may be in the mid to high range.
    Who's your photographer?
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    The wedding is May 15. How nice that your cake is included! I'm going with a friend of a friend as a photographer. He's just starting (so he's not overpricing yet ;-) ) but his portfolio is really impressive.
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    We are using the Buttercream Bee for our cake and she was very reasonably priced!
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    Jeremy at Music of the Times has a wonderful personality and he does DJing on the side, for fun. so he is VERY WELL Priced. We are getting him for 5 hours, 2 sound systems (1 for ceremony and 1 for Reception for ONLY 695! Definitely check him out!
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