Vendor Reviews...have you used

Has anyone used Elle Paper in Richmond?
Also Cakes by Pat and The Baker's Kitchen?

Re: Vendor Reviews...have you used

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    Haven't heard of them, sorry....though I've been pretty tunnel-vision with cakes. Really only had my sights on one baker.

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    Used Baker's Kitchen for my daughter's wedding.  They were reasonably priced, the cake was delicious, they did a flavor not usual for them because the groom wanted it, and they gave us a cake that looked exactly like my daughter's vision.
    We got dark chocolate with peanut butter filling, marble with chocolate fudge, vanilla with rasberry and lemon with lemon frosted with buttercream.

    My baby girl is a married woman...and now my baby girl HAS a baby girl. Time unfolds in such an amazing way. I've been blessed!
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    We did a tasting with Baker's Kitchen, and like pp said the cake was delicious! We decided to go with Graham though because it was actually LESS than BK and just as delicious!
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    Thanks ladies, we go for a tasting next week.  I have heard lots of brides using Graham but my FI and I had a cake tasting at a brial show and it was awful so maybe we will give them another try.
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    Yeah I had that same experience...but it was black forest cake or something...
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    Cakes by Graham is great and I'v heard nothing but good things about The Baker's Kitchen.
  • Thank you to everyone who recommended me, I am glad you enjoyed the cake we made you enough to spread the word!!!!

    To cfaszews25:

    I apologize for coming off pushy during the cake design process, and for swaying you away from Cakes by Graham.  I would also like to apologize for coming off rude on the phone, which was not my intention. I put a lot of myself into my cakes and I would be lying if I don’t take it a little personal when I find my cakes don’t fit your needs. For this I am extremely sorry.  I am happy to hear your wedding and cakes turned out great, and again sincerely apologize for any rudeness you may have experienced. 

    -          Graham

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