Crowne Plaza Richmond

Anyone had a reception or been to a reception at the Crowne Plaza Richmond?  My fiance and I are very impressed by the venue but I'm wondering how the food is.  My mom's side of the family is known for being food snobs!  Would love any input you ladies have!

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    I went to a wedding there a few years ago.  During cocktail hour, the couple had fruit, veggies and cheese in the lobby area.  It was nice and I remember the fruit and veggies looking fresh.  Dinner was pretty standard fare and just "average."  (I think I had some kind of beef).  By average, I mean edible but nothing too memorable.  My company also use to host an annual breakfast at the Crowne as well.  Again, the food was pretty average.  Hope that helps. 
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    I went to a wedding there in 2009.   I agree with the PP...the food is average.  Definitely nothing to write home about.

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