I am looking for a hair/makeup artist in the richmond area. I would love it if they were willing to travel to my site, but will also look at individuals who do not travel. I do not want to spend a crazy amount of money... hopefully keep it under 200$ ... any recomendations?


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    Go to a makeup counter at a dept store (try Nordstroms) and have a makeup artist play around and ask them lots of questions.  If you like the person doing your makeup ask them quietly if they would like to be hired for an outside job.  Thats how I found mine.  I think it is frowned upon for them to be hired for another job at work so just keep it on the dl.
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    The Mac counter at Nordstroms had folks that came out and the price was reasonable.  Just ask!
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    Check out Lou Stevens (  She was recommended to me but I live in Fredericksburg and she charged too much to come up here.  But, they will come to you and charge $175 for the bride (hair and make-up) and $125 for attendants or mothers.  Or the girls can choose to have just their hair or just their makeup done for $75. 
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