Apple Blossom Plantation???

I am really wanting to do my wedding at Apple Blossom Plantation....not set in stone yet....good idea, though??

Re: Apple Blossom Plantation???

  • I've heard to stay experience...just what I've heard.  Apparently there are a number of lawsuits involving the Plantation not providing what they promised.  Good luck!!
  • I've also heard the same.  My friends tried to book there.  They couldn't get a call back. 
  • I'm also thinking of doing my wedding here. Really like the seemingly laidback setting time for staging before the wedding, no time/noise restrictions, people can crash at the house/camp in the field but some of the reviews are really terrible. And my recent tour which owner was 30min late to left me with mixed feelings. Have you decided what you're doing?
  • I was married there in May of this year and it was amazing.  My fiance wanted a weekend wedding with friends staying with us - everything was great.  We loved the dj that Peggy Snead recommended, the food was really plentiful and good. My best man is getting married next October.  Some of the internet reviews are from competitors - this is a great place!!
  • This place is absolutely gorgeous.  I took the tour when it was a rainy day.  Peggy was very accommodating. I've heard from my friend who's a make-up artist for a lot of brides and everything was absolutely perfect.
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