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I am looking for Richmond area caterers.  If you used one and loved them or hated them I'd love to hear about it.  Who do you reccommend?  What sort of price packages do they offer?  Any help would be appreciated!  TIA!

Re: Richmond-area caterers...

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    When I was looking in to catering in Richmond I was considering using Old City Bar because it was next door to the venue I thought I wanted--Main Street Station.
    Since then I've changed my venue to my current hometown-Charlottesville but was actually considering using Buz and Neds BBQ from Richmond. It is more of a causal style wedding, and a family style meal service so I'm going for delicious comfort food. Prices aren't listed on the website, but I'm hoping they are flexible.
    Do you have a venue already picked out? What kind of food service are you looking for? Budget contraints? How many entree choices would you like to offer?
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    Oooooh I LOVE BUZ&NED'S!!!!!!  Good choice :)  Unfortunately, the FI is not a big fan of bbq :(

    We haven't booked a site but the one I like is in Rockville & doesn't have any catering restrictions.  There are a few we want to tour yet and some of them require that you use thier own in-house catering.  I'm trying to get a feel for pricing should I have to choose my own, versus book a venue that will make me pay $6000 for catering.  I want to keep food costs under $4k, and ideally I would provide my own beer & wine (cheaper that way!)  I want at least two meal choices, and at least one of them being vegetarian.  I am thinking of having a buffet but I might need to have a two-sided one or two separate buffet lines (approx 200 people to feed!)

    I'll have to check out Old City Bar- thanks for the input... and if you have any other suggestions I'm open to those as well! Thanks again :)
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    Thank you!
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    [QUOTE]I used Whitney at Champage Taste Catering and I can't say enough good things about her. She was really easy to work with, her food was fantastic, and her prices were good. We had about 150 guests and paid about $3500, including bussers and bartenders. My guests were raving about her food. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. <a href="" rel='nofollow'></a>
    Posted by cfaszews25[/QUOTE]

    This menu looks awesome. So man choices! If you don't mind me asking, what did you have included with that price, like how many entrees, sides, etc... thanks!
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    I will definitely have to call these guys. Thanks a bunch for the info!

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    I have interviewed the Old City Bar as I am getting married at Main Street Station next summer. Christy is awesome! She customized a menu based off of my and my fiance's likes and dislikes. And the price is very reasonable. I have made changed to my menu a couple of times. They can literally do a menu for as much or as little as you have for your budget. All that being said, I have not yet tried the food, but I think they are worth taking a look at. I am happy with the interactions I have had with them so far.
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