Baker's Kitchen sucks!!!!

Don't get Baker's Kitchen to do your wedding cake. They burned my sisters cake told her to deal with it a couple years ago. They messed my wedding cake up totally did everything we told them not to do did things to it without asking. Wrong shape of cake, we asked for certain icing they didn't do it, topper was off center, there wasn't cardboard under the top layer of cake so it could be easy to take off put in the box it wasn't in the cake, they didn't say they were gonna use PVC pipe to hold the middle of the cake up either they did that. The icing pearls didn't match up like they were suppose to. the cake was suppose to be round but they made it oval, the design didn't match, they put ribbon on the cake we asked for it to be no ribbon because the owner of the shop said no ribbon on the cake because it wouldn't look right. The women who said she made the cake said that we didn't give her a sample of ribbon to color match even though it said on the contract/ paper of the description of the cake NO RIBBON on there in bold. They are extremely unprofessional people need to know the true them before they spend their money there for a cake that they didn't order. They also charged us extra money for roses other flowers they didn't even put them on the cake. So be warned don't get a cake from here. She baker of the cake is rude as can be she will get all in your face raise her voice saying she made the cake she knows it had cardboard in the top everything was perfect with that cake she didn't forget anything it was the right icing. But we had the pictures of the cake the ribbon a flower showing her it was all wrong we also had the paper work showing everything that we asked them to do they went against everything we told them to do. If you do you have been warned about how unprofessional rude these people are. DON'T GO TO BAKER'S KITCHEN!!! But if you want a cake that's all messed up want to deal with heartache a big headache then have fun dealing with them.

Re: Baker's Kitchen sucks!!!!

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    [QUOTE]That sucks that you had a bad experience. I used Baker's Kitchen for my wedding and had a wonderful experience. Just out of curiousity ... if they messed up your sister's wedding cake years before, <strong>why did you use them for your wedding? Seems odd to me.</strong>
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    My thoughts exactly. 

    Is this Graham again???


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