Venues with a BARN for the reception?

Hi folks,
I'm looking for a somewhat-affordable venue that has a renovated barn for the reception.  I've found one or two, but the prices were outrageous.  (They had both been showcased on television shows, etc.)  I'd prefer it be in the area, but as long as it's in the state, I'd be happy!  Thanks so much!

Re: Venues with a BARN for the reception?

  • Hi Molly
    Check out
    They are a horse farm and have renovated their stable for events.
  • Have you heard of Pippin Hill? I think it's pricey, but it looks absolutely beautiful. Also... there's a little hidden gem off River Road. It's called Farvue and it's someone's private home, They don't do a lot of advertising, but you can find them with a simple Google search. They have a very pretty ceremony spot overlooking the river and the reception is in a barn. I don't think they were outrageously expensive, but I remember thinking they were a lot for what you get.They're probably open to negotiations though. Good luck!

  • We are getting Married using a barn for our ceremony. Kim, who owns/runs Historic Beach Station in chesterfield uses her home as a 2nd location and they have a barn they use.
  • We're getting married at The Inn at Willow Grove in Orange, VA just north of Charlottesville. They just finished renovations and have a beautiful barn.

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    We are getting married at The Vintager Inn in New Kent, VA.  It's a bed and breakfast that actually has two barns and is a GORGEOUS site just around the corner from the New Kent Winery.  One is a beautiful large red barn that is ready for events and has already been used for several weddings.  The second is a more rustic wood barn that is currently undergoing some renovations to include event restrooms, catering area, dressing room, and saloon. These are all set to be completed in the spring.  You can check them out on FB where the owner has been posting updated pics on renovation happenings etc.  We found him to have the best prices around for what we were looking for, and he is delightful to work with.  
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