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Hi, everyone! I'm venue searching for the spring. I want something outdoors that's naturally beautiful and not too stuffy. I'm planning to visit Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and Maymont Park in about a week and was wondering if anyone had any experiences with either place. Also, do you have any other hidden gems that I should know about? Maybe something less pricey?

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    You've selected beautiful venues but also the most expensive :). I'd go with Lewis Ginter of the two. There are more reception options there depending on your wedding size. I've heard many good things about weddings there.

    Maymont is another story. Their setup for a garden ceremony is really odd.  You can only have 30 chairs and everyone else would have to stand.  They're real expensive and very picky and limiting on how things are done in the park. I know a few vendors who have sworn off doing weddings there anymore because of all the restrictions.

    Also look at the Valentine Museum (Richmond History Center). Their secret garden with fountains is nice for a smaller (50 ppl) wedding. There's also the Poe Museum garden, but for ceremony only...they say 100 can fit but it'd be real tight. I've heard Historic Mankin Mansion is nice. The Manor House has a real pretty arbor/garden area.
    That's all I can think of right now....
    Hope that helps :)

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    If you're willing to drive a little further check out Westover and Berkley Plantations in Charles City County. They're both waterfront and having the mansions as the backdrop is stunning. The views are truly breath taking and the perfect setting for a garden wedding....
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    We just looked at Virginia Cliffe Inn and Tuckahoe Plantation yesterday.  Very different feel to each.  VA Cliffe was small and sweet-- price is great.  It's a family business and they seemed to definitely have the wedding thing down.  It was nice to think that they would really prioritize our wedding instead of other places that let you pay to be there, but it's not really their main gig (LG and Maymont).  

    Tuckahoe is amazing and more sophisticated, but plan to spend TOP dollar.  We were surprised by the additional fees for things like lighting and the bride's prep room.  The available dates that they have left for this spring do not offer set-up on the South lawn, which is the one with the river view.  The gardens and ceremony site however, are absolutely beautiful. 

    Good luck!
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    We booked at Lewis Ginter. Out wedding isn't until July, but they have been very helpful. The catering is done by Merriwether Godsey if you book at Lewis Ginter, and they are very good. There are a couple different locations within the gardens you can have your ceremony and reception at. We chose the Bloemendaal house (spelling?) mostly for the size and the flexibility of indoors and outdoors if the weather is too hot or rainy.
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    Do you know if you can just have your ceremony at Lewis G. B?
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    Willow Oaks Country Club has a gorgeous brick terrace of the banquet room that I've heard of some people getting married there.  We've been to two receptions there (buffet and sit down meal) and they were both wonderful.

    Happy Planning!!
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    Check out The Mill at Fine Creek in Powhatan...

    We are getting married there in July and it's absolutely gorgeous - very natural and rustic, but upscale. Big discounts for Friday and Sunday weddings, too, if you're interested :)
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    SIOVRY - You can have your ceremony at Lewis Ginter. I visited and it looked beautiful. We ended up choosing Celebrations at the Reservoir because it had such a pretty, naturally wooded location right on the water, and that's exactly the feeling I was going for.
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    I attended a wedding at Celebrations a few years back.  It was beautiful!  All the guests had a good time.  Good choice!
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    I met a caterer who did a wedding at the Virginia Cliffe Inn. She said the flies were horrible.
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    No you can have the reception only. The ceremony and reception . But not just the ceremony. Bummer. Nice place.
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    I'm planning on having my ceremony and reception at Celebrations at the Reservoir.  I'm having a hard time finding anyone who has used the inhouse caterer.  All my other plans are going without issue but I'm worried in this one area.  I would like to know how it goes for you.  Congratulations!
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