Cheap locations for a Bridal Shower?

Would like to be in the city of RIchmond. I have about 15 guests. Checked the Round House it was 300 dollars. And then food has to be purchased on top of that so I felt it was too much. I really haven't checked around much. Hhoping to get some good recommendations :) I'm not against resturants but I don't know which ones have private rooms.

Re: Cheap locations for a Bridal Shower?

  • We just did a couples baby shower for some friends at the Water Grill in Carytown. They will do it upstairs.  There isn't a cost of for the venue, but you have to meet a food minimum. It was really nice!

  • LeMaire
    Boathouse at Rocketts Landing
    Old Original Bookbinder's
    Hard Shell
    all have private rooms and the food is really good. Believe they only have food mins not additional rent costs.

    Europa, Julep's, Water Grill, Tarrant's, Robin Inn have areas/upstairs as opposed to a "room" but are just as great for private parties.

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