Staffing Suggestions????

So my caterer (assuming I keep her) is charging $30.00 per hour per staff person- that's whether they are bartending or picking up trash-- she charges 30 per hour for each of them. Do your caterers break it out so you know how much you are paying per staff person? If so, how much are the staff members?

She is reasonable on the food cost--- so I'm thinking about just hiring staff members myself. Has anyone else does this? Did you use a company?

I do have a friend that works at a resturant who said she can probably get me a bunch of people from there... but I'd rather have a contract and know people are going to show up when they are suppose to.

This is my biggest monkey wrench.

Re: Staffing Suggestions????

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    Will your caterer allow you to use outside staff? They may be a part of the whole contract because the caterer probably knows them to be reliable and they know the menu options. Before you look to hire outside people I would check with your caterer and see what they say.
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