Just Curious..

I am wondering where Richmond Brides are having their rehearsal dinner.  Also, are you paying the bill for the rehearsal dinner?  I'm considering Maggiano's and ordering the family size dinner entrees, but no definite decision has been made yet.

And another question- who will be at your rehearsal dinner?  Will it only be the wedding party OR are you extending the offer to others, such as spouses of the wedding party?
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Re: Just Curious..

  • ChristieNRNChristieNRN member
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    I am having mine at Capital Ale House. The prices are reasonable. My fiance's parents are paying for it.

    As for in attendance, it will be the parents, grandparents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, the officiant flower girl/ring bearer and their parents and then my 2 readers. 
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    I didn't get married in Richmond, but I live here and wanted to address some questions you brought up.

    The RD should be hosted (i.e. paid for) by somebody. Whether or not that is you or the parents, if you're inviting people out to dinner you need to foot the bill. Just keep that in mind when you do decide on a place to host the RD and pick a location that you can afford. Lots of people have laidback RDs because it can get expensive.

    Also, all spouses and other SOs of WP members should be invited to the RD as well. Social units (spouses, bf/gf) should always be invited together. You don't want to exlude them because it's rude and it wouldn't be very nice to have them search for dinner while their spouse is treated to a nice meal.

    Hope this help and happy planning!
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  • ladydi31ladydi31 member
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    We are haveing our rehearsal dinner in a resturant that my fiance' and all his groomsmen grew up going to. He really likes it and it has meaning for us.  It is an Italian place that has good food and a back room we can use. My future in laws are paying.

    We are having the bridal party including dates, our pastor and parents.  I have a huge extended family and it's kind of a family rule that we don't all go to the rehearsal events, just the day of It would just be too many people.

    Also, we decided to make our rehearsal events causal since we will all be dressed and ready to go the day of :-)

    Good Luck!!
  • tammyfatammyfa member
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    We're still figuring out where to have ours but it's looking like a small Italian joint in the west end that FI's family has been going to forever. I wanted someplace inexpensive and casual. Would love to do a simple cookout or catered Qdoba but have no clue where to do it.  We'll probably pay for it though I think FI's dad may steal the bill.

    We're extending the invite to any out of towners that have come in a day early as well as the wedding party and attached families. Looking at 25 people.
  • ndenikendenike member
    edited December 2011
    We are having our's at Cha Cha's Cantina in the Slip. It was the location of our first date so we thought it was appropriate!  My fiance's parents are paying for the dinner. We have alot of people coming out of town who are extended family but have chosen not to invite them. Just the wedding party (and their spouses) and our friend who is marrying us and the grandparents.
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    I'm having mine at Bottoms Up! It's great a laid back since the wedding will be black tie. I am inviting all immediate family and wedding party members I wanted to invite out of town guests, but that would include the entire wedding! 
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    We used the Commonwealth Club on Went Franklin St.  DH's parens hosted it.  Warning: it is NOT inexpensive.  Bridal party and their significant others, reader, officiant, and out of town guests were invited. 
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