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Hi Ladies-

I am a Cville bride.  I had bought a dress from David's Bridal in January, but I had been having second thoughts about it since before I even picked it up.  I didn't think that there was anything that I would be able to do about it, so I was just trying to convince myself to deal with it.  But I wanted to be in love with my dress!  My MOH convinced me to start looking again and to think about buying a second dress, but I couldn't justify losing the money I spent on the first dress.

I called DB, and they agreed to let me come in again and try on new dresses/exchange my gown (even though it had been almost 60 days since I brought the gown home!).  I went in last night (Friday evening), and I had a wonderful experience.  All of the previous times that I have been in have been on weekends and it was insane.  This time, I had a consultant all to myself, and she didn't seem to mind that I wanted to try on 15-20 dresses.  I was not rushed at all.  My consultant even brought over one of the ladies from alterations, who helped me decide what size to order.  Everyone that I interacted with was very friendly and understanding.  I wanted to share this positive experience, since DB doesn't really get many good reviews.  

I am still not sure if I am going to do my alterations through them- I know from my consultation with my previous dress that they are very pricey.  My experience with that consultation was also not good at all, but it was on a weekend.

Here is my dress!  Yay!


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    I have had a good experience with that store each time I have had to go in it.  Having been in DB Roanoke and DB Richmond, I personally like Richmond better, and the lady who helped me purchase my wedding dress has been really helpful with bridesmaid dresses/shoes/last minute dress purchasing. So glad to see another good review. 
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    Going in during the week makes SUCH a big difference.  I'm glad they were able to work with you and you had such a good experience!

    PS. your dress is beautiful!
  • I went to DB in Newport News/Hampton and the DB in Richmond.  I must say that I was sadly disappointed with the service and cookie cutter dresses.  Also becareful of the dress size they say you can get.

    I say all of this because after thinking I had my dress, I decided to try out Williamsburg Bridal. OMG the service I received there is 200% better than ANY experience I have had with DB.  (This is not my first wedding either).

    At both DB locations I barely talked with the consultant, both had other brides and was rushing back and forth between the several she was handling.  Both times I got the feeling "Aren't you done yet?" and the DB in Richmond never gave me shoes or a slip or bra.  I had to go get them myself.  She actually disappeared on me and I had to complain and get another consultant.  When I am spending as much as I am I would expect that I would receive better treatment.  Williamsburg bridal actually puts one consultant with one bride.  My consultant actually had a full blown conversation with me and got to know me as well as my personality and my fiance.

    I said to becareful on the dress size because the dresses at DB have all been tried on so much that they have stretched.  I was an 8-10 at DB, and when I went to Williamsburg Bridal my legit true dress size was a 12.  Yes the dresses are a bit more expensive but Williamsburg Bridal will work with you on payments so you can get the dress of your dreams.

    I can't say enough about checking out your smaller bridal shops before deciding on a dress.  Don't get stuck with a cookie cutter dress, pamper yourself it's your special day!
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