Louisville Venue Needed - November 2012

Hi all,

Yes, you read correctly. November 2012. Date is somewhat flexible, as long as it is on a Saturday or Sunday. At the moment I am thinking the 11th.

I am looking for a venue that I can have the ceremony and reception at the same place.

Thing is, its only going to be 15 people, max. including me & the future hubby. I was considering the backyard of his mom's but I'm thinking with the weather and all the renting of things, it would quickly get out of budget. I am fine with somewhere like a restaurant or something nice and cozy, but I just don't know the area well enough to find something.

We aren't going to have a first dance or anything like that, no bridal party, just a simple JOP ceremony and a little celebration afterwards.

Any ideas?

We aren't looking to spend a lot of money. If I have to pay for a venue, I would prefer it to be a few hundred ($100-$400). I know that is ridiculously cheap for a wedding, but given how small it is, I just cannot justify spending a large amount on an empty space.

Would love any suggestions.

On the other hand, what does anyone think about the backyard wedding in November? My future mother in law just got her backyard landscaped, has a fire pit and its very nice. She has a pool as well, so that takes up a lot of room, but I think there would be enough room for a large table for 15 or so people. If we did the backyard, I would probably do during the day, like lunch time, so that we can utilise the daylight and I don't have to worry about lighting and whatnot. I'm not sure about a back up plan though, in case it rains.

Also, it has to be in November this year, for reasons I won't disclose, but definitely cannot be pushed back. Even if we had the money, we're not big party kind of people, so some people have suggested a courthouse wedding for now and a bigger reception later, but the reception would only be the 15 people, so it would be silly not to do them on the same day.

I would really appreciate opinions, ideas and suggestions :) also, would love anything out-of-the-box - somewhere pretty you know of, a nice restaurant.. whatever!

Thanks everyone!

Re: Louisville Venue Needed - November 2012

  • Hotel? Restaurant? Why not the court house then go to a nice place to eat or your favorite type of food? Like baseball? Maybe the louisville slugger museum. 4th street live I am sure there are places there that you could do both.

  • I don't know what your budget is, but I'd try a restaurant on the river. Maybe Tumbleweed, Captain's Quarters? Or maybe check out the Belle or Star of Louisville? Or if the river isn't what you want I'd check on someplace in the Highlands. Jack Fry's, Coach Lamp? There are lots of good restaurants in the area that can accomodate your needs. Good luck!

  •     The City of Lyndon has a beautiful rental space called Romara Place. Beautiful space!!! Can't be more than $200-$400 to rent out for the day. Check it out, I'll bet it is just what you are looking for. Call Lyndon City Hall to inquire.
  • The Bristol is downtown and has a private room. Plus the food is good, but not TOO expensive.
  • what about spaghetti factory?
  • There are some beautiful parks.  Riverfront park is one.  What about in the cave? Squire boone in mauckport.  or mega caverns in louisville but they drive you through on cars,   squire boone you walk through and they have wonderful grounds too.   amazing mill area with a waterfall?
  • Tumbleweed on the River is beautiful!! you can get married right in front of the river, then go inside, upstairs for a beautiful scenery of a reception. They also have a private area that you all can have more intimate dinner or celebration.
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