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Of all the little pains of wedding planning I never imagined that finding my mother a dress would be one of them! My future mother-in-law is a size four and has already purchased her an expensive champagne-colored dress. Well, my mother is not a size four and doesn't exactly have the money to splurge on a dress. It's not helping the the future in-law is pushing her towards colors that would compliment the champgane color. My groom's mother is a very sweet lady but I'm becoming extremely defensive of my mother lately. I want my mom to have a beautiful dress, be confident, and not worry about his mother. I guess what I'm asking is for advice on how to politely ask my future mother-in-law to back off. The mother of the bride shouldn't have to worry about matching the mother of the groom. Also, we've been looking at David's Bridal and department stores...are there any other hidden spots for MOB dresses that flatters any mother without breaking the bank?

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    Check upscale consignment stores.  I'm not sure if it's still open, but when I lived in Lexington I LOVED Sassy Fox on Richmond Road in the Kroger shopping plaza next to Man O' War.  They had an entire section devoted to MOB and bridal gowns.Contrary to popular belief, mothers do not have to match.  I mean, let's be honest, it would be hilarious to pretend to be Diana Ross flanked by the Supremes on your day...but everyone deserves to be comfortable and feel gorgeous.  In any regard, don't stress about me, you'll be freaked out enough worrying over every little detail...your mom is a big girl, she can dress herself. Tell your FMIL, "I think mom is going shopping with (insert sister's name or best friend here)...I am sure the dress she chooses will look fantastic!"
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