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Ceremony music?

Well here it is, post #3 looking for help from you fellow Louisville girls! :)  I am thinking of hiring an acoustic/classical guitarist to play for my short ceremony at St. James Court. However, I am not finding anyone less than $300 and having a hard time locating just a single solo guitarist around the area. Know anyone/have any experience with any Louisville musicians? Also, would it be incredibly tacky to use pre-recorded ceremony music? Our DJs are friends of ours, so I'm sure that it would not be too difficult to talk them into helping us out with this. I'm just afraid it's going to come off as looking too tacky! But seeing how my fiance and I are paying for this wedding ourselves, I'm looking to budget whereever I can!

Re: Ceremony music?

  • squirrlysquirrly member
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    I think recorded, good quality music is perfectly acceptable for the ceremony.  (Good quality is a must!  Be sure to hear what it will sound like when amplified through the speakers they will use - not just your ipod earbuds or whatever.)  Also, be sure to have a couple copies of it on disc, and a very specific list of what is to be played in what order.  And, if they have to be faded out early - try to get that done and saved to disc that way early so that your DJ doesn't have to worry about that on the day of.  If you really want live music, try calling the UofL music dept and see if they have a recommendation.  They might have a student who is really good or a professor who is willing. 
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    Did you have any luck finding a ceremony musician?  I'm in the same boat.

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