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New Board Format

I was going to wait to say anything until early next week, but word is getting out on the boards so:Most of you probably already know that the Knot has been working on a new layout for the boards for a while now. They're letting the mods test it out right now and it definitely has some great new features. It should be coming out live by the end of next week if all goes well.Here's some of the new features that it will have:- Quote feature- Edit button- Emoticons- PIP feature (You don't have to remember code anymore!)- Link featureSome of the other boards will be changing names, so if you post on the national boards you may notice that. Also, a poster will not be able to delete their OP if it has responses. You can delete an individual response of your own within a post, but an OP can't delete a whole big thing. The new boards will have a working Private Message feature that you can use instead of giving out your personal e-mail address. It will have a Polls function which is pretty cool. You will also have the ability to hide all siggy pics if you want to.I'm sure there's more I'm leaving out, but feel free to ask questions and I can answer them, I will. It's new to me too and I'm sure it will take some adjusting all around.
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