Rehearsal Dinner?

Hey Ladies!  Let's talk about good places to have Rehearsal Dinners?  

Re: Rehearsal Dinner?

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    Bristol is where we had ours and the food was delicious.  The room was spacious and we were separate from the regular restaurant.    I also attended a rehearsal dinner at Austin's on Bardstown Road and it was very good.  Another suggestion is Molly Malone's. 
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    I'm researching Napa River Grill (in Westport Village) and Austin's (on US 42).  My FMIL wants to invite everyone from out of town to our's so the number is high (90 or up) and it's been hard to find somewhere that is decent/fancy/large enough.  We're going to visit on the 30th of July and try some things before we commit totally.  I wanted to do Equus and Jack's Lounge (Mr. Dean Corbett is the owner and he is very friendly), but they couldn't seat our number. 
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    We did Tumbleweed on the River.  They were awesome and so helpful.  The only problem is that we did a buffet and I wasn't thrilled with the food.  I think it would of been alot better if they ordered off of the menu, which was an option.  We had a seperate room and everything.  I have heard great things about Captain's Quarters as well.
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    I just went to one on the Captain's Quarters Princess and it was awesome! 

    We sailed for over two hours and the food was awesome!  There were around 75 people on board, but I think it holds up to 110.
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    How about Lynn's Paradise Cafe or The Old Spaghetti Factory? Those were ones I looked at. Or if you're okay with the drive Moonlight BBQ in Owensboro.
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