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Outdoor wedding in October?

So we're looking at having our wedding September or October 2011. I know the date really depends on the availability of venues, but I want to have a starting point in mind when I start asking them about dates.

We won't be getting married in a church, so our options are outside or at a cool indoor location. So far everything we've found would be outdoor.

My question is, do you think it would be too chilly to have a 15-20 minute ceremony outside in October? I've looked at past years weather patterns and the max temps have gone anywhere from low 60's to low 70's for the middle of October. Since it's so ungodly hot right now, it's hard for me to imagine was lot 60's feels like. :)

The wedding would either be here in Louisville or Evansville, IN which has the same weather as us.

Re: Outdoor wedding in October?

  • inkygirlinkygirl member
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    I'm getting married October 2, 2010 here in Louisville and we're having both the ceremony and the reception outdoors.  I think there are two keys for an outdoor October wedding.  The first is that you need to do it in the mid-afternoon when it's the warmest possible.  Secondly, you need to alert your guests so that they can prepare.  We have it on our website and guests have to come to the website to RSVP, so they have to see it.  We're doing a 2:30 ceremony with a simple dessert reception from 3-5.  We also picked early in the month so that it was more likely to be warm.  No matter what, have a rain backup!  October can be pretty rainy, so make sure you know what to do just in case. 
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    We attended an outdoor wedding in October a couple years ago in New York - MUCH cooler temps than KY/IN.  That is such a beautiful time of year and I think an outdoor ceremony at that time would be perfect - not too hot and not too cold :)
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    I was fighting with this problem also until I ultimately decided to do indoors.  I researched hour by hour historical weather patterns for the dates I was interested in, and while there was only a downpour in the afternoon/evening once in the last 10 years, there was always some kind of drizzle/rain/fog in the morning which caused it to be overcast the rest of the day.  I just didn't want to take the chance with having the party end early due to rain.

    Luckily, you are planning so early that you should definitely have time to pick out a great indoor location if you want.  If you need some ideas, let me know because I think I contacted everyone in the area trying to find an indoor location within my very small budget.  Thanks to a friend of mine, I am getting married at the Seelbach Hilton.  You can always choose a venue with lots of windows to get that outdoor feel inside.

    This is where you can search the hour by hour for any specific date and year you want http://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/KSDF/2009/10/2/DailyHistory.html?req_city=NA&req_state=NA&req_statename=NA

  • squirrlysquirrly member
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    Given that we ended up with 60 degree weather for our ceremony in May, I'd just remind you that anything can happen.  Plan for outdoors if you want, but have a backup that involves heat.
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  • Birdie1483Birdie1483 member
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    Thanks for the feedback! I'm actually really leaning towards a location in my hometown now that is a huge banquet room that we could have the ceremony and reception in without any table/chair turnaround. I think there's also an area to do the ceremony outside if we wish, we'd just have to be in charge of moving things inside the day of if weather is bad. At the end of the day, I really just need a place that will give me the least amount of opportunity to worry about "what if" because I could really drive myself crazy worrying about everything if I didn't have a good plan in place.

    Hopefully in the next few weeks I'm going to find time to get there to take a tour and talk to some people there.
  • faeriechyldfaeriechyld member
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    Don't forget - this is KY we're talking about.  If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes. ;)
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