Can't let them starve!

Hello ladies...I need help with catering! I am having an evening reception next October (about 200 guests) and looking to keep our per person price to $15 (at the VERY most). I don't want to go into debt feeding my guests, but I also don't want to just feed them hors ouvres (sp?)! I would like it if this price also included the disposable dinnerware, no cake cutting fees for our own cake, and hopefully not too many extra "serving" fees. We are considering Schnitzelbank, Ladyfingers, Pepperwood, or catering by victoria but I have not made appts. with any of them yet. Any reviews on these mentioned or any other catering companies in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area would be greatly appreciated.

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    Those are all great companies but I am going with Hall's Catering. For the amount of food they are providing, they couldn't be beat. They are charging me $10.50 per person and that includes dinnerware, setting up, tearing down, etc. They do have a 15% service charge but even with that they were still the lowest priced in town. I have known different places that use them and love them. Food is great too!
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    I don't know anything about the ones you listed.  I would suggest, though, that you keep restaurants you like in mind.  Many of them cater as well.
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    We are using Naiman's catering. We worked with Les Naiman to make our menu fit our budget.He was great to work with. I would highly recommend them.

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    I was going to mention something about Naiman's catering as well.  The buffet for my wedding is only going to be $14 a person... he also had some cheaper options.  The other thing I like about him is there is no hidden cost.  As I've found with some other companies, they tell you a low price and then add on all these fees. 

    My friend used Karem's catering and she stated they did a good job and were cheap, but I have not contacted them personally.
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    I would highly recommend NOT going with Catering by Victoria.  I used them for my wedding, and it was a nightmare.  She was really hard to get a hold of, and then a month before the wedding I found out that she had let her Health Dept. Certification lapse!  She also decided she needed a $75 traveling fee a week before the wedding, which was not on my contract.
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    I've heard many awful things about Catering by Victoria...

    I'm actually going with Diane Barr - I've had several tastings with her and her food is AMAZING!! She throws in so many extras that every other caterer nickle and dime you for. She also serves as a day of coordinator at your event (which is a hugre help) since they can be pricey! But I'm getting way more food, better options, and all the extras for literally HALF the price that I was quoted for everywhere else. She doesn't have a website yet - but you can contact her by phone
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