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I put this as a reply to another post on limo companies, but I wanted to also post it by itself so others would be sure to read.

I had a pretty horrible experience with Aztec limo...I would warn anybody to really do some research and get some guarantees before you book with them.  I am currently waiting to hear back to see if I will get a refund.  The limo driver called 4 times the afternoon of my wedding.  I was getting ready for the ceremony and of course didn't have the time to talk to him.  He kept saying he couldn't find the place, that it wasn't coming up on his GPS.  I was very frustrated, as all of my family, from out of town, were able to put the address in their GPS and find the place no problem.  My family couldn't help him becuase they don't know the area.  Finally I just had to tell him he was going to have to figure it out because I had a wedding to attend to.  The last time he called was after the ceremony and fortunately a friend was able to get on the phone with him, but she had to walk him through, turn by turn, to get to the ceremony.  He arrived an hour late and by the time we actually arrived at the reception some of our guests had been waiting almost 90 minutes.  But it doesn't stop there.  When we get in the limo, which looks nice and acceptable from the outside, it is somewhat dirty and things are broken, and plastic solo cups are rolling around on the floor of the vehicle.  I was nervous about getting in the vehicle with my dress on and getting it dirty.  I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, so I got in the vehicle.  Yet another mistake on my part.  The driver took a long, round about way of getting to the reception and missed the turn on the road the reception hall was on.  I rolled down the privacy screen and told him the reception site was on that road.  He said something to the effect of, oh well the GPS told me I needed to turn down the previous road.  I continued to explain to him, no, this is where we need to go.  So he makes a 3 point u-turn in the middle of a two lane highway.  At this point I am not only upset but fearing for my safety, as making this maneuver in a limo on this road was not safe in any way.  I don't know what the driver's problem was, but he did not seem to know how to drive safely or use GPS correctly.  That's very unprofessional when that is supposed to be their job and what they know how to do.  When he finally got us to our reception we told him not to return later that evening to take us home.  However, the company still did send a limo, with another driver, to pick us up and take us home.  I, against my better judgement, agreed to let him take us home.  This driver did a very nice job, but the limo was the same one as before.
My advice is, if you decide to take a risk and use this company, go and see which vehicle will be used for your wedding and have this guarantee put in writing.  Also, ask to meet the driver who will be driving and have it put in writing that it will definitely be this person and not somebody else.  I just don't want another bride to have to experience this same situation and/or somebody else to be put in an unsafe situation.

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