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Hey ladies--

Yes, I'm caving to the trend and hopefully having a candy buffett (to replace favors) at my reception.  Have any of you done this?  Suggestions?  Places to buy cheap candy?


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    There are several places online to buy bulk candy, but I honestly can't remember them.  Ask on the budget or etiquette boards.  For bags/containers, try Nashville Wraps.  Finding large jars to hold the candy at your buffet can be pricey, so start sale shopping now.
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    I did a candy and popcorn buffet. Months before my actual wedding people these boards were talking about how "over it" they were, but everyone at my wedding absolutely loved it! 

    There are a couple pictures on my wedding photographers blog:

    My wedding was in October, but I bought most of my candy at Easter time.  My colors were pink and green and Walmart and Kroger had bags of M&M's that were all one color.  I know last year they had yellow, orange, and blue in addition to the pink and green.  It was drastically cheaper then ordering direct from  They also had hershey kisses and reese cups, but be careful.... the little "flags" on the kisses said "Happy Easter"!!

    I can't remember where we got the rock candy, but there are lots of places online that sell wholesale or bulk.  The rock candy was defintiely the prettiest!

    Check Hobby Lobby for glass vases.  Sometimes they are half off!!  I ended up getting my center peices vases there for cheap.  For the candy/popcorn buffet I bought a couple sets of Apothecary Jars at Sam's at a pretty good price, but that was a year ago.  I also used clear plastic bowls that looked like crystal bowls.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks, ladies!
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