Odyssey Mobile Entertainment- To Use ANY Other DJ Would Just Be Dumb!

My mother and I found Dave (Odyssey)online. After the first initial consultation we were sold. Dave was absolutely the most passionate, real, straight forward DJ that we met. He charges one flat reasonable price, that is beyond fair considering everything you get. I was so confident in this man, I referred him to a friend and actually got to see him in action before my wedding came around. He was amazing. Another thing I appreciate about Dave is his patience. I got married on 11-11-11 and was really wanting to do a few activities to play up the date. I probably sent Dave 5 emails just tossing ideas around, and each time he would respond and help me sort thru my ideas. This is not something he had to do, but he did because he sincerely cares about his brides and he wants them to have the weddings of their dreams. Mine certainly was and theres no way it wouldve turned out as such without Dave. If there is any one thing that I have been most complimented on, it would be my DJ service. I am truly grateful for Odyssey Mobile. Dave is a magical man, to say the least :)

Re: Odyssey Mobile Entertainment- To Use ANY Other DJ Would Just Be Dumb!

  • MegsamillionMegsamillion member
    edited January 2012
       I can totally agree. Dave and Odyssey did my wedding 10 years ago. I have since seen him at 4 more weddings. He continues to amaze me. He definitely takes control of the entire night. My parents absolutely loved him because all they had to do at my reception was party.
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