Any Party Bus/ Van Services?

We THINK we can work this in the budget now for our guests. I've called Xtreme Transportation about their buses, and the lady who answered the phone actually LAUGHED at me when I told her my wedding was in three weeks. Well, excuse me! Obviously, no availability there, but I was wondering if anyone else knew of any other place with large capacity transportation. I am thinking about a hotel to ceremony/reception shutte if we can find a price we like and availability.
Not a big deal if we don't find any, but I was wondering!
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Re: Any Party Bus/ Van Services?

  • Where did you leave your name with?

    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:608Discussion:e18704f5-3fcb-4c73-9ea6-cca02750da04Post:51bb5ec0-3dd1-432a-bd02-ee8a8f834c54">Re: Any Party Bus/ Van Services?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I am afraid it is going to be really hard to find any party bus/van services because of prom season. We were looking for a party bus a few weeks ago for April for a birthday party and were told they were all booked up until May 21st. I called every party bus place in Louisville and Southern Indiana with no luck. I left my name with several and luckily one of them had a cancelation and was able to accomodate us for 4/28. Good Luck! in Response to Any Party Bus/ Van Services? :
    Posted by p2oh[/QUOTE]
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