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We're getting married on 6/2.  The plan is to have the ceremony outside in the park behind our reception hall and then have the reception indoors.  However-I am TERRIFIED that Mother Nature is going to "make it rain".  While we do have the option to move the ceremony inside to the dance floor, I feel like we would be crowded and it's just not what I had in mind.  I thought of having a tent rental on standby---if they even do this.  Obviously I would not need them if the weather is beautiful.  Anyone know of a rental company who might be willing to help me?

Any advice welcomed!

Re: Plan B

  • If you are that nervous about mother nature, you may want to attempt to have everything indoors. However many brides say the unpredictable weather is what can make their wedding day memorable. You can try calling rental places like The Rental Depot or Ballou's to see if they would be willing to have a tent on standby.
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  • Rent and Rave has tents and they are the lowest rates I've seen so far.
  • Just be aware that you will pay for standby service.  They can't rent the tent to anyone else if they're holding it for you.  Likely all you'd save is the delivery fee.  At that point you might as well jsut have the tent.  Which would protect against glaring sun, also.
  • I'm getting married in April of next year and I originally wanted to have an outdoor wedding as well.  However, the weather here in Kentucky is so unpredictable that I got scared and we booked a separate ceremony site.  I LOVE my ceremony site!!  We're getting married at the Julian Chapel & Inn in JTown and our reception will be at Shall We Dance in Anchorage. 

    Plan B's are good, but sometimes it's just nice to think of a new plan altogether and give yourself some peace of mind.
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