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Hat Style Help!

Hello, KY brides! I'm an old CO bride, but I need your help. My parents have been invited to a very formal wedding at a horse race. "Hats are encouraged." Having never worn a hat to a wedding before, my mother is at a complete loss for what kind of styles are in, or where to get a hat. Do any of you have suggestions? Even just to point us to a website/ad/photos where she can see what kind of hats women wear to weddings.


Re: Hat Style Help!

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    Derby-style hats can get very pricy. Any of the department stores around here generally have them.  Also, there are places like Dee's Crafts that sell already made ones or you can get one custom-made based on colors, etc.  Here is a link to their website:


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    I second Dee's crafts. I'm betting that they're wanting to go for Derby style. I went into Dee's a couple weeks ago and there were a bunch of people in there making hats. That's probably the cheaper way to go.

    Derby style hats really range in style. Some are really big with lots of flowers and some are smaller and more understated. I would tell her to search pictures of Derby hats and then pick whatever makes her the most comfortable.
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    Ben Franklin Crafts will also make custom derby hats. I would say look at dee's and maybe get some feathers and stuff but don't get it decorated from there.  They want 30 bucks to just being to work on your hat and they will charge you this even if you want only ribbon on your hat.  BFC charges you 10 to work on custom hats but I think will charge you less if all you want is ribbon.  Thats were I got mine!
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