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Has anyone had their wedding at this club? I would like to hear opinions, good as well as bad, if there are any.

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  • I have attended a couple of receptions at Oxmoor. Both were very nice. I remember the staff being very cordial. Nice room for guest lists under 200.
  • When my daughter was still looking for venues we went there for a wedding show. I requested info vial email and then phoned. I never fgot a response on my email or phone message. I/we moved on and found another location. Hope you have better luck.

  • I went and looked at the club about a month ago.  Just like mentioned in the other post, it was very difficult to get the people to call me back and set up the time.  I wasn't very impressed by the place.  They don't sound like they are going to go above and beyond.  The woman said they have people stop playing golf for about 30 minutes so there is no one in the pictures behind you (since the outdoor area is pretty much on the golf course).  That was all I needed to hear.  We are moving on.
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    We have had a good relationship with the wedding cordinator thus far. She has gotten back to us promptly. If we don't hear from her the day we call or email, we do the next day usually. The pakage deal was somthing we really couldn't pass up, with the venue being exactly what we are looking for and 3 of the biggest things being taken care of such as the DJ, the caterer and all of the tables and chairs for the ceremony and reception. I am very pleased so far and we just put our deposit down. And I am pretty positive the wedding coordinator told me they would give us plenty of time for the ceremony and up to an hour for the photos. She seemed pretty willing to work with us on the different parts of the wedding with what we wanted. Having a coordinator will be great too, especially for the day of the wedding.
  • Visited them for our April 2013 wedding.  Space is a little run down, ballroom smelt funny to us.  Lady was nice, but very hard to get ahold of.  Not sure if we just caught it on a bad day but the outside deck was covered in spider webs.  We were disappointed.
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