Beach House Rental that allows Special Events?

Perhaps I'm too ambitious, but I'd like my wedding ceremony on the sand and the reception at a beach house (rather than a venue like a hotel, etc.)... the idea being the ceremony is held in the "backyard", i.e. on the sand, of the beach house. 
My dilemma is in finding a rental home that is on the sand and would allow for the reception to be held in the home. I've searched through a few rental home websites, but none give enough specifics to inform me on whether this is possible or not.
So, i was thinking a property management company would be able to help me find the right place... if one exists!
I'm looking in the Ventura County area (Carpinteria, Ventura, Oxnard..), but a little further south or north is fine if it's the right place.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start?

And parking is a whole other can of worms - I'd like to see whether renting a beach house to host my wedding is even possible first before tackling the concept of available parking in coastal california (aah!!!)
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