I saw that you are still looking for a ceremony location in Harrisburg. If you have not already you should check out Fort Hunter. They have a couple choices as far as ceremony sites. You can get married in the small chapel or outside overlooking the river. You may also want to look into Italian Lake. HTH.

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    I am also looking for a ceremony location yet and I like Italian Lake how do I get a hold of someone to ask about having my ceremony there? I can't find a website
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    you probably need to call dauphin county park and rec. i know that they have all the info for weddings at fort hunter. two cautions- we really liked fort hunter, but you cannot have alcohol there. im assuming its probably the same at italian lake if you want to have the reception there as well. also- depending on when you want to get married, italian lake can be really beautiful or really gross. we were going to have our engagement pics there in june and the water was totally green and scummy and it smelled awful. but my friend got her post-ceremony photos taken there the last weekend in august and it was gorgeous.
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    Italian Lake is a city park, therefore you have to contact the Harrisburg City Parks and Recreation Office to get further permit information. Their number is 717-255-3020.
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    Thank you! I checked out Fort Hunter but they don't allow pets so they are out of the question. My baby doggies have to be in the ceremony! I just need a ceremony site I have the reception site picked out already.
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    Thank you so much. I have called Parks and Rec and they can't grant u a permit for any of the park locations until 6 months im sure it will be a mad dash for the permit office on January 1!!!Thank you so much!
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    I noticed that you mentioned your friend got her pictures taken at Italian Lake post ceremony. I am just wondering if she had to obtain a permit or pay any fees. I just called parks and rec to make sure that I wouldn't be intruding on any other weddings and they said it would cost $70 for a permit just to take pics... ?!?
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