Want to share some wedding costs?

I've learned that you can save money on rentals/get some great deals on your wedding planning if you work with another wedding going on during the same weekend.  I'm getting married at Tres Hermanas Winery in Santa Barbara Wine Country and would love to work with someone if they're wanting to get married in the area during the same weekend.  I'm getting married on July 24th.  Could I interest/sway someone to get married on July 23rd or the 24th?  Let's talk if you're interested. Worth a shot right :)

Re: Want to share some wedding costs?

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    While I am already married, I just wanted to point out that you should NOT try and share linens. You never know what will happen with food or wine. It would suck if you agreed to share them with another bride and someone got a stain in it. I am assuming that whoever you choose to do this will have a wedding the same weekend since most rentals come during the week and must be returned right after the wedding.

    EDIT: Also, if you're talking about tables and chairs, it is an INCREDIBLE amount of stress you are going to have if you plan on carting them from one venue to another. The last thing any bride or groom wants on their wedding day is to have tons of stress trying to cart everything off. 
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