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I finally realized that I can not do it all.  We are on a strict budget and my FI talked me into cancelling the DJ and hiring a Florist.  Still saving $600.  I was going to do all the floral arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres myself.  AND, we are having so much fun putting a playlist together for the reception music.  And to think we were going to  pay someone $900 for a 4 hour time period.  I am so happy with my florist!

Re: Florist...check

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    Oh my gosh that's crazy!! $900 for 4 hours!!

    I would take the flowers over that any day haha. Also you don't have to worry about rushing to get all the flowers together before the big day. Congrats on the check!
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  • stina93446stina93446 member
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    Who'd you end up going with? I LOVE the Flower Lady in Paso Robles. She's been my family's florist for 20 years! lol there was no way I was hiring anyone else. Leslie and Kim took my "vision" (meaning I came into the store and said "I like white flowers and peacock feathers") and made it look AMAZING!
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  • CA2MT4EveRCA2MT4EveR member
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    Darnit, too bad your wedding is the weekend after I leave PR for vacation. Otherwise I would do them for you and you could still get your DJ
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  • FystybrideFystybride member
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    I had the same issue....I had planned all along to do the Costco or Sam's route for our flowers, but with just a month to go I started having some health issues and realized that it just wasn't worth the aggrivation.  I gave my florist a budget of $1000.00 and she came up with some great ideas.  So now all we have to do is set the tables, lol...and I actually think my caterer would do that for us.  We booked our DJ for seven hours total (including setup) for $600.00....guess we got lucky.  People in this line of work seem to be starving right now, I had another DJ that was begging for the job and willing to do it for less, but I really liked the guy I hired, so I had to turn him down.
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