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March or May in Santa Barbara??


I am having trouble choosing a wedding month for my wedding.  Originally we choose May 2011 but then we started thinking about how my birthday is in May so for the rest of our lives we'll have two big events to celebrate only a few weeks a part.  Then we started thinking about moving it up to March 2011, but that is the rainy season, and it will be more chilly.  We might get lucky with weather... but then we might also get unlucky.  Even though the reception is inside there is an outside area as well that we want guests to be able to utilize.

April isn't an option unfortunately because another couple we know with many of our mutual friends have already set their date in April in Santa Barbara.

Any opinions?  I don't want to go further out than May because that is just too long.  Would love to hear from any brides who had their weddings in either of these months in SB.


Re: March or May in Santa Barbara??

  • KryssttleKryssttle member
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    I think there are good and bads to both months. In May you have a better chance of the weather being nice, but It is also one of the most popular months to get married so you will have to deal with Vendors being booked, or possibly more expensive. In March there could be rain, but at least we are lucky and live in California where it's not going to be super cold or snowing or anything.

    Just some things to think about =)
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    I'd stick with May for Santa Barbara.  I believe you'd have a better chance for great weather!  I got married in August there and it was beautiful and pretty much had been all summer long.  We were oringally supposed to get married on May 29th but had to push our date back after switching locations to August 29th.  I never pictured getting married later than May but it worked perfectly for us! Hope that helps!
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    I'd say May. The weather should be perfect.  
  • CA2MT4EveRCA2MT4EveR member
    edited December 2011
    Since it's not til next year, I recommend visiting each place this year on similar weekends.  Though the weather may be completely different, it will at least give you an idea of landscaping and natural blooms/beauty at the time.
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  • stina93446stina93446 member
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    Definitely May for me. In March, the central coast is pretty ugly, even though it's not nearly as bad as other areas of the country. In May, the skies will be blue and the ocean will look so pretty!
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    I know everyone is saying May but I think either one would be fine.  It's hard to predict weather.  The beginning of March this year was very cold here but this week has been in the 70s and 80s.  In May you can have beautiful weather or it can rain.  It rained the day before my sister's August wedding.  Either way I would make sure you have an indoor option or, if the forecast is bad, rent a tent.  I got married in July and made sure we had an indoor option.  

    I'm not on here much but if you need any SB recs or reviews feel free to write me rincon777 at yahoo.  
  • kittierubykittieruby member
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    Thx everyone!  We stuck it out with May.  My fiance promised to never buy me just one gift for both events haha! 
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