Help!!! I just moved to Santa Barbara

I am so lost. I moved from Las Vegas where there is everything at hand. Target, Davids Bridal, tons of Floral Shops and Bakeries. Does anyone know of a great place for flowers in SB and cakes? Anything would help! Thanks!

Re: Help!!! I just moved to Santa Barbara

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    My best friend lives in SB and is getting married Oct. 9th.  I am in LA but poke around on this board to help her find resources.

    She is using my florist Bride and Bloom-- who I love and if you click on my bio you can see my mock up.  She is in LA, but travels to Santa Barabara for weddings.  Her work is amazing and rates are a bit more reasonable than SB florists....

    I am sorry I don't know of a bakery.  I am sure there are a bunch that are amazing!

    Good Luck!
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    You should use the Bread Basket, it's in Camarillo, but it's AWESOME. And they will deliver up to SB. AS for all the other things you might want to think about going down to Ventura. SB has a premium, much like Malibu. I know that Ventura has some less expensive places and David's Bridal  etc etc. Hope that helps.
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    I have lived in SB for years and am currently planning my own wedding.  If you're looking for a florist, you should check out Riley's Flowers on Figeroa and Chapala.  They are awesome and their flowers are hands down the nicest in town.  There's also a cake store (Hennings Cake Boutique) just a couple of doors down on Figeroa.  However, if you want to go with something less formal and get cupcakes, there's Crush Cakes on Anacapa.

    Good Luck!
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    I got married in SB and used Juniper Designs for my flowers (so great to work with and inexpensive) and Montecito Confections for our cake.  I HIGHLY recommend both vendors.  I believe I have the reviews in my bio or you can e-mail me at [email protected] for more info.  Good luck!  You'll love Sb once you get's beautiful!
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    I was married in Carpinteria a few years ago and was really happy with our vendors. Flowers: Camille, Modern Day Design
    Cake: Christine Dahl, Santa Barbara Cakes

    If you want complete reviews or have any questions email me at rincon777 at yahoo.  
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    LOVE Montecito Confections and Robyn Loves Cake.  I highly encourage everyone to avoid Christine Dahl...some friends and I have all had very upsetting experiences with her.  Not worth it when you're planning a wedding.  ;)  Bread Basket in Camarillo is also excellent.  Good luck!
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    I don't mean to intrude but I happened to see this as I was trying to find my local board (I promise I am not a vendor!!).  I was born and raised in SB and I highly recommend Anna's Bakery in Goleta for wedding cakes.  Their cake is delicious, they have amazing decorators and they are really nice and easy to work with. 
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    Another place for cakes might be Reynadlos in Carpinteria, they have amazing desserts!  Also really good mexican food as well.
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